Microsoft Dynamics 365

SōtirIS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Practice

The consultants and developers at SōtirIS Information Strategies provide the trusted advisor role in designing, developing, and deploying an effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Our team will work closely with your team to develop an efficient deployment project that does not hinder your end-users’ day-to-day operations.

The ultimate goal of Dynamics 365 is to centralize as many data silos into a single database and user interface. We will assist your stakeholders to determine the data silos that make business sense to migrate to Dynamics 365. Our seasoned professionals will coach your organization through the design, development, customization, migration, training, and deployment steps.

Not all datasets should be migrated to Dynamics 365 (accounting for an example). Our developers have the tools and expertise to build real-time integrations with other business applications. Integration with other applications provides a conduit for adding data to Dynamics 365 that is generally stored in other applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to easily adapt to changing demands, leveraging customer and company data to deliver intent driven outcomes with:


Make it easy for customers to solve issues on their own with a branded online support portal.

Agent Enablement

Empower agents with a single, unified experience to deliver fast, amazing customer service from desktop or mobile devices.

Field Service

Deliver world-class, intelligent customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.


Easily connect the right person with the right knowledge at the right time to answer service needs.

Service Intelligence

Identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and gain powerful insights into customer behavior and agent productivity.

Why Organizations Use Microsoft Dynamics 365


Putting data to work will help you build the lifetime value of customers.


In most cases, salespeople no longer operate individually.

Customer Service

In the customer-driven economy, only the companies that can deliver great experiences are likely to survive.

Why Organizations Use Microsoft Dynamics 365


Putting data to work will help you build the lifetime value of customers. By combining all the information about each customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can identify untapped potential. With complete data, you can automatically and regularly deliver personalized information about the other products and services that your business can supply.

Engaging with your customers today cannot be one-size-fits-all. You need to understand your customer, their interests, and needs. Intelligent customer engagement enables your business to build customer trust and loyalty while enabling your sales, service, and marketing professionals to be as productive as possible.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can better serve your current customers—and win new ones—with a complete view of your customers’ history and expectations of what they may need next. By combining data from both internal and external sources, like social sites, you can build deeper insights into your customers’ needs and recommend additional purchases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier to follow through with customers with Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer. Employees can go to one place for all their tasks, like viewing customer history, researching companies, finding social connections, communicating with prospects, reviewing sales insights, and creating sales proposals.


In most cases, salespeople no longer operate individually. Since buyers expect solutions to bridge sales, operations, and service, salespeople depend on the entire organization for their success. They need the experts of the organization to provide the full story to customers.

Sales organizations need the right collaboration and communication tools to stay connected with the rest of the business. Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, communication and collaboration is a snap, including through mobile devices.

With Microsoft Teams, salespeople have a simple way to interact with colleagues, partners, and contacts-right through CRM. Salespeople can quickly find subject matter experts or decision-makers and include them in meetings to answer questions and get deals closed. Users see presence icons within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can initiate an interaction with a single click.

Customer Service

In the customer-driven economy, only the companies that can deliver great experiences are likely to survive. To meet customer expectations, your organization needs to provide personalized and consistent engagement across all channels.

Flexible Development Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built upon a framework known as xRM. Simply put, xRM is a strategic approach to building a unified system that connects all aspects of a business together. This framework makes Dynamics 365 extremely flexible and allows the software to be customized to meet your dynamic business needs.

You can provide intuitive access to the right information, resources, and complete customer context through a single view. Access to every source of information they need across diverse environments means employees can provide an efficient, personalized customer experience. Empower customers and employees with unified knowledge to provide a single source of truth.

Every size business today is collecting more and more data. When that data is organized and focused to serve the customer, it also improves productivity. Employees go one place to find the answers they need—no matter where their work takes them.

Harnessing the Power of Data at Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 puts the power of data in your employees’ hands to build customer relationships. With familiar tools, integrated communication, and connected resources, you can also make a leap in productivity.

Automated workflows support efficient processes that coordinate activities across sales, service,
marketing, and other teams. By replacing manual processes with workflow, employees can reduce administrative tasks, minimize paperwork, errors, delays, and wasted time to build the efficiency and effectiveness of staff.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, employees do not have to use a different document management solution to find what they need to work collaboratively. Workflow connects employees and drives actions through the tools you use every day, like Office and Outlook to send emails, schedule activities, request approvals, and automate a variety of other processes.

Driving consistent processes across the company can be challenging—and in today’s regulated world, consistency is critical to compliance. Working with checklists and paper documents does not provide the guidance or audit trail that supports stringent regulations.

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can help ensure that people enter data consistently and follow the same steps every time they perform a function or task. Using automated workflows, dashboards, and analytical tools, you can simplify and streamline key tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables companies to market smarter, sell effectively, and provide excellent customer service throughout the customer lifecycle. Dynamics 365 is the most flexible and cost-effective solution you can buy.