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Achieving Mobility for Your Business

Until now, there have been two options for meeting users’ mobility requirements. IT could either secure and manage corporate-owned and employee-owned devices, apps, and data with a complex array of point solutions, creating management headaches and security silos; or require people to use different devices for different activities, leading to user frustration.

Now, the mobility landscape has become much more versatile yet secure, user-friendly, and IT-friendly. SōtirIS’ solutions increase collaboration capabilities internally; which respectively increases productivity overall.



Configure large numbers of devices at once in a way that complies with enterprise policies.


Make user self-service simple, and make over-the-air provisioning of policies automated and straightforward for administrators with minimal opportunity for error. A user is separated completely from the underlying platform, so that their portable persona can be easily integrated with new technologies, such as desktop virtualization.


Manage a large mobile deployment without breaking an IT support organization. IT can easily sort through data and quickly identify mobile issues, as well as automatically report on security and compliance statuses.


Take automated or manual security actions and bring mobile in-line with enterprise security and compliance statuses. Enable IT to efficiently perform device monitoring and easily revoke access and wipe data from devices for security purposes and report on those actions for compliance purposes.


Why Choose SōtirIS for Your Mobility Solution?

Increased Security

You won’t have to feel like your security efforts are being extended past a safe threshold. Our mobile device configuration allows for accurate and speedy monitoring and reporting of all actions taken on the devices.


Your business will keep performing the way you want it to, but your employees will have a much more convenient place to carry out their work


Our solution is not just meant for your employees to have a positive user experience on mobile devices. It’s also built to make sure your IT department can easily manage this way of operating your business.

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