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SōtirIS Managed IT Services

Businesses and organizations of all sizes have come to realize the importance of continuous computing operations. If any of the following systems become inoperable, your business activities can be severely limited or stop completely:

  • Virtualized Desktops
  • Virtualized Applications
  • Virtualized Servers
  • Cloud Network Infrastructure
  • Secure Internet Access
  • Email Communications

The primary purpose of SotirIS’ Managed IT Services is to assist your organization to maintain continuous computing operations. The current industry business model for support is to deliver REACTIVE service when your system is unavailable due to a malfunction, failure, or corruption (virus, worm, spam, etc.). SotirIS’ innovative annual support programs for mid-market, mid-market enterprise, and enterprise accounts provide PREVENTATIVE IT professional services & support in advance of reactive IT professional services & support to ensure continuous operations. SōtirIS’ Manage Services consist of the following:

  • Continuous Operations Support
  • Virtualization Technical Support
  • Proactive System Monitoring

IT Professional Services & Support Agreements at SōtirIS

SotirISCloud Operations Support Management (COSA)

Flat-rate, unlimited use support contract focused on the virtualization environments within your business. We provide business day and 24/7 technical support for all elements of your virtualized environments. This includes unlimited use of help desk, remote and onsite IT professional services & support, and a discounted hourly rate for projects; and provides support for all supported versions of Citrix software and appliances.

SotirIS Continuous Operations Agreement (COA)

An affordable, flat-rate, and unlimited use support contract designed to support your entire technology infrastructure. The COA provides unlimited use of help desk, remote and onsite IT professional services & support, and a discounted hourly rate for projects.

SōtirIS IT Help Desk Services

Immediately achieve a significant increase in responsiveness to end-user reported incidents, while improving your organization’s overall customer service by utilizing the SōtirIS Help Desk (Solution Center). Our clients leverage our many years of experience to augment their existing teams, or in some instances, completely outsource their ITSM operations.

Our multi-tier approach enables SōtirIS to provide Level I resources with General IT experience as the first point of contact and an escalation patch to Level II senior resources for advanced troubleshooting and resolution of complex technical issues.

Each Help Desk client is assigned a separate call queue, which allows us to provide detailed reporting on calls answered, calls abandoned, duration of calls, and other data. Our flexibility allows us to leverage our internal Service Desk toolset or utilize our client’s existing systems for incident management and reporting.

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